Payroll Giving

How does it work? 

Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way for employees to donate to Bóthar directly from their salary.

A small gesture makes BIG impact

Payroll giving allows employees to donate to Bóthar directly from their salary and reduces our administration overheads, benefiting those who need our help most. By donating a fixed amount from your monthly salary you can make a big difference as you allow Bóthar to plan for the future. 

Don’t Delay - Start today

Getting set up is easy!

Contact your payroll department to tell them of your interest. Then contact Bóthar to tell them of your interest and we will take your details and issue the relevant paperwork. 

Once your request is processed you will become a monthly donor. It’s as easy as that.

Some employers may not already have a payroll giving scheme in place, although all payroll systems can accommodate payroll giving.

Matching Donations

Another great way to give to Bóthar is through matched giving. Some companies will match their employees’ charitable donations. Ask your company to see if they do Matched Giving schemes. We are happy to answer questions your company may have. 

Tax Back Donations 

Additionally, If you choose to donate more than €250 a year or €21 a month through payroll giving, we will be able to claim additional benefit from the Revenue Commissioners. 

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about payroll giving or other staff donation initiatives please get in touch. Contact the team by email or phone 061-414142  

Donate what you can