Our Animals

Jim Gavin Rwanda

Our animals are the fundamental part of any of our programmes. Their safety and well-being is of paramount importance. 

From sourcing them to sending them, we take the greatest of care to ensure our animals are safe and well at all times.

For our dairy cow and goat projects, farmers pledge the highest quality animals and for our breeding sow and our chick projects, we source the highest quality animals. 

Prior to receiving an animal, our recipient farming families will undergo a rigorous training programme to ensure they can look after their animal properly.

Veterinary support and back-up is provided for 3 years after the gift is made to ensure the animal enjoys good health and produces favourable yields.  

Once an animal is established and yielding in their new home, an update is sent to the donating farmer to keep them up to date on how their animal is doing. 

As part of the Bóthar programme, each family must "pass-on" their first born female to another family in their community to ensure multiple families benefit from the original gift, and over time, the entire community benefits. 

If you are a farmer and you would like to donate an animal, further information is available here

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