How we work

Milk in Rwanda

Bóthar is the international aid agency that provides poverty stricken families with the means to solve their problems – permanently.

We do this by using livestock in development aid.

Bóthar works with a wide variety of animals including cows, goats, chickens and bees.

Bóthar assists needy families to overcome, hunger, malnutrition and poverty in a simple sustainable manner.

The living gift of a farm animal gives a struggling family the opportunity to improve their circumstances and, by working with their animal over time, to raise themselves up to a position of relative comfort.

Proper training and veterinary support for three years after ensure that the recipients and the animals are well cared for throughout the life cycle of a Bóthar programme. 

See Bóthar's work in action through the eyes of Bóthar supporter Colm Doyle. 

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