What We Do


Bóthar is the Irish international aid agency that provides poverty-stricken families with the means to solve their problems – permanently. 

Our Impact
The number of litres of milk an Irish dairy cow produces per day.
The average number of heifers sent in one airlift to the developing world.
The number of families Bóthar has helped to date.

Where We Work

Bóthar currently works in 5 countries across 2 continents with multiple species of animal. Over the past 31 years, the organisation has delivered thousands of animals and supported struggling families in countries across Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. 

While the organisation started out with an airlift of Irish heifers to Uganda, it broadened its livestock donations in the early years to include Irish dairy goats and pigs.  Bóthar purchases water buffalo, camels and bees in project countries.

How We Work


Sustainable Development

Bóthar encourages and facilitates sustainable development in all the projects we support. Animal welfare, safe-guarding and developing the surrounding environment and financial stability are all closely monitored throughout the life-cycle of a Bóthar project. 

community ownership

Community Ownership

Bóthar works through local community groups empowering the local community to take charge of their life-changing gift. These groups vary in size and function, from church groups to neighbours who have come together to support each other and seek solutions to common problems that they all face. 




Bóthar provide intensive training prior to a family receiving their animal including training in animal husbandry, water-harvesting and basic horticulture practices. Training begins six months prior to the family receiving their animal.

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