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Christmas Corporate Giving

Make your corporate Christmas donation count this year. A donation to Bóthar means your gift will last for a lifetime and not just for Christmas…

What if I told you that you are the reason that somebody will be able to change their life?

Because you are.

You are the reason that we can give a mother the means to care for her children,

- keep them safe,

- keep them fed,

- keep them healthy,

- keep them educated,

- keep them in this world.

It’s you.

You are the reason, because you dug deep when we asked.

You put your hand in your pocket and you made a donation to Bóthar.

You sacrificed something for someone.

You helped someone you didn’t know thousands of miles away.

You saved them.

And I need you to do it again.

Because we can’t continue to do this work without you.

We have the best of animals, which have been pledged by farmers all over Ireland.

We have excellent training programmes and veterinary support in place.

Right now, we have families in Rwanda who are undertaking training, so they will be ready to receive their animal.

The missing piece in making it happen is you.

Can I count on you to do it again this Christmas?

It’s really easy to donate:

Simply click here to donate online.


Phone the office on 1850 82 99 99 where a team member will help you make your donation.


I’m hopeful you will be able to dig deep again this Christmas.

Wishing you and all dear to you a very happy Christmas.


Corporate Giving

community ownership

Is your organisation looking to make a difference and help others?

Bóthar is looking for opportunities to work with organisations to do something positive and life-changing for families who are struggling in Rwanda today.

There are so many ways to get involved whatever the size of your organisation. In case you don’t know, Bóthar is the international aid agency that provides poverty stricken families with the means to solve their problems – permanently.


We do this by giving the gift of livestock, mostly Irish dairy cows, as a a means of development aid. We have been doing it for 28 years. We provide intensive training prior to a family receiving their animal, the animal itself, and full veterinary support for three years after to ensure that the animal is kept in good health so it keeps producing for the family. Over time, families can raise themselves to a position of relative comfort. It’s a simple enough solution but what we are doing is working.

Bóthar in Action 


2019 sees the 25th anniversary of the Genocide and it will be an important year for Rwandans and for Bóthar.

The world will be watching a country that has enjoyed new beginnings after such atrocities. We will be a part of it. Bóthar is flying an “Ark” from Shannon to Rwanda full of cows, goats, chicks and A.I straws and we are looking for funding from corporate and individual donors to get the Ark to “take off”. Will you get on board? It can be a big commitment for organisations to come on board. Bóthar is big on accountability and will be able to report back to you on how your donation is being managed, informing you as to what your animals are achieving in the field in the years after you donate.

It has also been the case that organisations who are heavily involved in our dairy cow programmes have visited our projects to see the work in action. This has been a very rewarding experience for all involved. It’s one organisation helping another organisation, helping so many who face huge uncertainty, were it not for the promise of an Irish dairy cow.

Barry Moran

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