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Giving a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Mission Statement

Bóthar is the Irish international charity that enables families and communities worldwide to overcome hunger and poverty and to restore the environment in a sustainable way, specialising in improved livestock production and support-related training.

Our Team

David Moloney

Chief Executive Officer

David manages the day to day running of the organisation and reports directly to the Board. Dave has been working with Bóthar for 23 years and has been responsible for delivering thousands of Irish animals to their new homes in the developing world. 

Niamh Mulqueen

Chief Operating Officer

Contact Niamh for any queries you may have about the running of the organisation. Niamh reports to the CEO. A long-standing member of staff, Niamh has travelled to many of our project countries ensuring that our programmes are as efficient and effective as they can be. 

Maureen Purcell

Donor Care Manager

Contact Maureen for any queries you might have about your mailing options. You might like to receive all our mailings or maybe you would just prefer to receive our Christmas mailings? Please let us know. 

Aisling Matthews

Tax Efficiency Officer

Contact Aisling if you'd like to help Bóthar benefit even more from your donation. If you have made a donation of €250 or more in one year, Bóthar have an opportunity to claim an additional 45% on your donation. Tax Efficient Giving is a huge fundraising opportunity for Bóthar and it just takes 2 minutes of your time. Please support it. 

Pat Mullins

Livestock & International Airlifts Manager

Contact Pat if you'd like to donate a calf or an in-calf heifer. Pat works with the Airlifts Co-ordinator to ensure the safe travel of our animals from their homes in Ireland to their new homes in the developing world. From cargo planes to land lifts, Pat ensures the animals are well looked after for the length of their journey. 

Barry Moran

Corporate Relations Manager

Barry works with organisations and brands helping them to develop CSR programmes that will help families in the developing world.

Contact Barry if you would like to get your company involved. 

In a big way or a small way, every way makes a difference. 

Email Barry@bothar.ie or phone 0874574164

Aideen O'Leary

Relationship Manager

Aideen manages all our recipient relationships in Rwanda. Cork native Aideen has been on the ground in Rwanda building relationships with recipient farmers, our programme partners and the Rwandan government. 

Patty Abozaglo

Programme Manager

International Development & Organisational Strengthening - Patty works on Bóthar's compliance and funding applications. In this era of governance and accountability, Patty's position is vital to ensure that our reporting structures are the best they can be. 

Kate Finucane

Marketing & Communications Manager

Contact Kate if you'd like to feature in our newsletter or in the super supporters section of our website.

Our Vision

Passing on the Gift

Bóthar helps rural families earn an income by giving them the gift of livestock, take for example an Irish dairy cow. Irish dairy cows produce up to 20 litres of milk per day whereas a local cow will produce about 4 litres. With high milk yields, families can take what they need for their own use and sell the rest. With this income they can buy additional food stuffs, buy medicine when they are sick and send their children to school. Over time, they become self-sufficient and pass-on the first female calf to another family in their community, so the original gift continues to give.

Our Impact on the World
Bóthar sent its first airlift of 20 in-calf heifers from Shannon to Uganda.
Bóthar begins sending heifers to Rwanda to help survivors of the Genocide.
Bóthar celebrates its twenty ninth year helping families in the developing world.

Our Partners


Heifer International

Bóthar and Heifer International: A long-standing, mutually enriching relationship.

Open Fields Logo

Open Fields

Bóthar works closely with Open Fields Romania to oversee our Eastern European programmes.


Africa's Sustainable Development Council

Bóthar works closely with ASUDEC to oversee our programmes in Burkino Faso. 


Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance

Bóthar works closely with VIVA to ensure that veterinary practices are adhered to at all stages of the Bóthar project life cycle. 



Bothar has been working with Msaada since 2006. Msaada assists the people of Rwanda, East Africa to restore their dignity and their livelihoods that were destroyed during the horrific genocide in 1994 by establishing self-help income-generating projects.


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Financial Information

Good Governance

Triple Locked Logo 2020

Bóthar is committed to the highest standards of good governance, accountability and transparency.

Bóthar has an obligation to our donors and funders to make sure you are aware how your money is being used. 

Bóthar has received the ‘Triple Lock’ standard from the Charities Institute of Ireland. This standard is given to charities who operate best practice in transparent reporting, ethical fundraising and strong governance.

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