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Why an Irish dairy goat?

Why an Irish dairy goat?

Bóthar is the only agency which sends dairy goats from Ireland. An Irish dairy goat will supply 4 to 5 litres of milk per day.

Indigenous African goats are not dairy animals and are rarely milked in Africa. They produce about a cupful of milk per day.

They are only suitable as meat goats. It is misleading to say that African goats are dairy goats.

Our Irish dairy goats are managed so that they produce milk and a kid each year. Over time a family which receives a dairy goat can build up a milk producing herd.

Our costs include training the family in dairy goat husbandry, preparing their fodder bank and zero grazing unit and then transporting the dairy goat from Ireland.

The recipient family sign an agreement to pass on the first-born female kid to another family which has been prepared in the same way. The second family do the same and this process continues.

Bóthar has projects for which we supply local goats, but these are for meat production only.

If you would like to donate a goat to a family this year, click here

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