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Best Will in the World Week

Best Will in the World Week

Bóthar is helping to improve and save the lives of some of the poorest people in the world and we need your help to continue to do it.

Please help us to continue that work by kindly remembering us in your will.

The difference that a gift in your will could make is huge and all it takes is a little planning. If you haven’t made a will yet, or you plan to update an existing one, you can pass on something to Bóthar. You don’t need to be a millionaire to leave a legacy, every little bit helps.

Legacy gifts are a crucial source of future funding that allows Bóthar to make lasting changes to the lives of impoverished families living in the poorest parts of the world.

Your will represents your beliefs, your compassion and your legacy.

As you know, Bóthar finds the most deserving families in the poorest parts of the world and teaches them how to break the cycle of poverty and misery. Bóthar helps individual families and entire communities. We talk to them, train them how to raise and care for their livestock and in turn, they pass the first calf, goat or camel on to another deserving family in their community. This is how communities are recovering all over countries like Rwanda, Uganda and Honduras. The livestock you help to buy will provide nutrition, an income and security, often for the very first time.

A bequest of any size, great or small, is of value to Bóthar.
For example:

  • €1,800 would provide an in-calf heifer for a family in Rwanda.

  • €3,000 would send 10 Irish dairy goats to a community in Uganda.

  • €10,000 would fund a poultry project in several villages in Burkina Faso.

  • €50,000 - €100,000 would establish an extensive livestock project for 200 families in Cameroon.

If you would like to discuss any matters involved in leaving a legacy to Bóthar or if you would like to receive our Legacy pack please do not hesitate to contact Bóthar Founder, Peter Ireton in confidence on 061-338269 or email or contact your solicitor.


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