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Our Work

Community ownership

Bóthar is a charity organisation that works through local community groups that vary immensely in size and form. These groups vary from being church groups to a group of neighbours who have come together to support each other and seek solutions to common problems that they all face.

Our Partners

Bóthar is part of a community of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) using livestock in development aid, Bóthar would not be able to do the wonderful work it does all over the world without the help and support of its not for profit and Corporate partners all over the world.

Sustainable Development

Bóthar, a charitable organisation, encourages and facilitates sustainable development in all the projects we support in a number of ways. The codependent ecology of plants and animals is evident in all of our projects, where plants and tree plots are established alongside our livestock, thus maximizing the gains of both. In the case of our heifer projects, manure is used as a natural fertilizer while animal urine is used as an insecticide which in turn leads to the improved production of the plants and fodder which returns again to the cycle to feed the animals. In this way both the stock of the beneficiary and the surrounding plant life mutually prosper.

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