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Capital: Tirana
Population: 3,639,453
Population below national poverty line: 25%

Bóthar in Albania:

Since Bóthar’s first airlift to Albania in 1999, more than 800 heifers have been airlifted from Ireland and distributed to farmers in projects there. Bóthar has also provided A.I. straws to improve local stock, and in conjunction with our French partner, ‘Elevages sans Frontières’, has also airlifted 360 goats on two separate airlifts to the country. Farmers that receive the animals are, of course, trained and prepared to receive them prior to their arrival and their training continues in step with the increased productivity of their farms as time goes by. Along with VIVA Ireland, training has also been given on A.I. so that the farmers themselves can administer their own breeding program. The original 800 heifers have calved down many times since they were first airlifted, and through the ‘pass-on’ scheme, many more farmers than those originally helped now benefit from their participation in the program.


Current Project Profile

Project Title: Support Farmer Families in Kavaja region with Holstein Heifers
Location: Lekaj Commune, Kavaja region
Number of families: 136 families
Animals: 70 in-calf dairy heifers sourced in Ireland
Other inputs: Agricultural supplies and equipment including concentrated feed (50kg per farmer), veterinary supplies and semen for A.I.
Training: All farmers and the ‘pass-on’ beneficiaries will receive training on the key issues of sustainable, intensive dairy farming. The beneficiaries will also visit other project sites in Albania that have received Irish dairy cows.
Brief synopsis: 70 Irish in calf heifers will have been sent to Albania by air and then transported to 136 families in the Lekaj Commune, near the capital Tirana. All beneficiaries will have received training in advanced animal husbandry, dairy processing and in other areas relevant to their animals care.
Pass-on obligations: Each beneficiary farmer will pass on a heifer to another in the community that is the same age and of the same quality as the original they received. If a farmer has three successive calvings that produce male offspring, the third bull calf will be sold and the funds gained through it’s sale will be used to purchase a heifer for another member in the community.
Expected benefits: Local farmers will receive a sustainable income from the sale of milk to nearby markets. Beneficiary children’s diets will improve from the consumption of milk and other dairy projects.
Co-financing partner(s): This project is being co-financed with Heifer Albania.
Local partner(s): Farmers Community of Kavaja and the Agriculture Directory in Kavaja Region will contribute with part of the training and technical assistance.

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