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Capital: Manila
Population: 97,976,603
Population below national poverty line: 30%

Bóthar in Philippines:

Bóthar supports one project in the Philippines which began in 2005. The families here have been provided with water buffalo, cattle, goats, pigs and poultry and training in how to care for the animals they received.

Current Project Profile

Project Title: Community-based Holistic Development for Marginalised Families
Location: The islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
Number of families: 375
Animals: 100 water buffalos, 100 beef cattle, 500 goats, 75 pigs, 3,500 heads of poultry
Other inputs: Seeds, planting materials, farming, tools
Training: Establishing an organic food garden, integrated livestock management and cropping, and also animal production and management
Brief synopsis: This project targets tribal and indigenous people from the highlands and poor marginal farmers. These families have been provided with animals and training in how to care for them and seeds and planting materials to establish organic food gardens on their plots.
Pass-on obligations: Each family will pass-on the same number of cattle they received or buffaloes within 8 months, similarly the first and third kid-goat after 6 months and two heads of poultry within a year.
Expected benefits: Through participating in this project, families will adapt sustainable agricultural practices, improve food production and increase income, and as a community, will develop organizational sustainability to continue the work that this project initiated.
Local partner(s): PROCESS Foundation in the Visayas, Provincial Government of Kalinga in Luzon, the Provincial of Agusan del Sur in Mindanao

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