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Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,338,612,968
Population below national poverty line: 8%

Bóthar in China:

Bóthar began it’s first project in China in 2000. Since it’s inception a wide array of animals have been used to meet the differing needs of project farmers, including yak, beef and dairy cattle, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats or pigs, honeybees and silkworms. After the Sichuan Earthquake in 2000, Bóthar also provided relief aid to those in the affected regions.


China Project Profiles

Project Title: Wenchuan Earthquake Rehabilitation Umbrella Project
Location: Sichuan province, China
Number of families: 4,000
Animals: Chickens or ducks, geese, rabbits, goats or pigs, beef cattle, honeybees and silkworms.
Other inputs: Materials and farming equipment necessary for the implementation of the project
Training: Fodder grass planting and management, animal husbandry, group management, savings and credit, marketing, community hygiene, adult literacy, human nutrition and sanitation, environment protection, disaster resistance
Brief synopsis: On May 12th 2008, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck Sichuan province in the north-west of China. Nearly 70,000 people died as a result of the quake and over 350,000 people were injured. There was also massive loss of life in livestock in the whole region. As a big province with agriculture and livestock production as its pillar industry, Sichuan suffered enormously. This project is the first step in restoring crop and animal production in the disaster areas.
Pass-on obligations: Another 9,000 families will benefit from passing on the gift.
Expected benefits: This project will rehabilitate those worst affected by the earthquake through the use of livestock with a focus on community based activities
Local partner(s): Sichuan Haihui Poverty Alleviation Service Centre, Heifer China Program
Other relevant data:
Project title:
Alxa Integrated Community Development Project
China, Inner Mongolia, Left Banner of Alxa League, Tiemu Rywuder and Chuhen Koler Communities
Number of families:
140 families
Beef and Dairy Cattle
Other inputs: N/A
Integrated community development approaches, group management, environment awareness, community hygiene, animal husbandry etc.
Brief synopsis of the project:

The Inner Mongolia region of China has been heavily affected by sandstorms and soil erosion. To counter these ecological disasters local beneficiaries will be trained in ecologically sound agricultural practices and to generate income will be provided with high quality dairy and beef cattle.
Pass-on obligations: 140 families will receive passing on the gift
Expected benefits:

35% increase in income, use of improved irrigation system for fodder grasses
Co-financing partners: N/A
Local partners:
Heifer International China & Alxa SEE Ecological Association (SEE)
Other relevant data:

SEE's main aim is to improve local ecology and bring the occurrence of sandstorms under control. Many of the beneficiaries are forcibly settled nomads

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