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Capital: Dhaka
Population: 156,050,883
Population below national poverty line: 45%

Bóthar in Bangladesh:

Bóthar currently has one project in Bangladesh with our partners there, Beacon of Light. This tree planting project, started in 2007, has exceeded its initial expectations and by the end of the project cycle, considerably more than 100,000 trees will be planted. This achievement is even more extraordinary considering that Hurricane Sidr struck right at the beginning of the project.


Current Project Profile

Project Title: Economic Growth and Environmental Restoration Tree-Planting Project
Location: Sirajgonj District, Bangladesh
Number of families: 100 schools will be targeted, with an average of 300-400 pupils per school
Animals: 3-4 Trees per pupil (mahogany, mango, lemon, jack fruit and shegun)
Other inputs: N/A
Training: 2 trainers will provide instruction on setting of trees, optimum species selection, preparation of ground, planting procedure, mulching & protection of trees, disaster resistance
Pass-on obligations: A cash gift is returned to the project by the beneficiaries over a period of time to form a revolving fund so that a next round of planting can take place.
Expected benefits: The trees will prevent soil erosion, provide fruit, shade and shelter for livestock and building material for houses and livestock units once the plantations are established.
Co-financing partner(s): N/A
Local partner(s): Beacon of Light (BOL)
Other relevant data:
Funding for BOL is provided for by a group of mainly Irish healthcare professionals within the HSE Southern Region of Ireland.

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