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Capital: Port-au-Prince
Population: 9,719,932
Population below national poverty line: 80%

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Current Project Profiles

Location: Saut d’Eau, Boucan Carré and Mirebalais in the Central Plateau Region, Haiti
Number of families: 20, plus additional 20 for 2012
Animals: Dairy cows
Other inputs: Veterinary Medicines and equipment
Training: Dairy cow husbandry and basic veterinary care
Brief synopsis: In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti during January 2010, many fled the devastated urban areas into the rural hinterlands. This put more pressure on already scarce resources. Chimen Lavi Miyò (CLM), or 'Path to a Better Life' is a programme organised by Fonkoze, the biggest non-bank microfinance institution in Haiti. The purpose of CLM is to strengthen the productive assets and asset management skills of the extreme poor so they can follow a path that will assure continuing and sustainable progress out of poverty. After a Bóthar visit to Haiti in March 2010, Fonkoze decided to look into the possibility of encouraging their CLM members to take up cow raising and milk production as a viable long term small enterprise.
Pass-on obligations: There is scope to expand this project to other CLM members if deemed achievable and sustainable.
Expected benefits: The expected success of this project will increase the asset base of beneficiaries and organise milk production and help CLM members fight their way out of poverty.
Co-financing partner(s): Bóthar is the sole funder
Local partner(s): Fonkoze, Veterimed, Zanmi Lasante
Other relevant data:
This is a new partnership for Bothar in Haiti, which was initiated by a visit from David Moloney (Bothar) and Brendan Mimnagh (VIVA) late March 2010. The Central Plateau area of Haiti is its poorest.

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