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Capital: Abuja
Population: 174,507,539 (July 2013 est.)
Population below national poverty line: 70%


Current Project Profile

Project Title: Small Loan of Goats for Poor Widows
Location: Du, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
Animals: 12 ewes and 1 ram
Other inputs: Chain link fencing
Training: The training of Animal Health will be carried out by the Veterinary Centre in Vom
Brief synopsis: The Holy Rosary Sisters have carried out trainings in Jos where the enhancement of household income is an important component. Jos has lots of potential for cattle and sheep raising. Sheep are more suitable for the poorer smallholder and are preferable to goats who are more destructive as regards grazing and more prone to illness.
Pass-on obligations: Bóthar Pass-on procedures applies
Expected benefits: Improved nutrition, increased income, use of manure for additional crops
Other relevant data:
First Bóthar project in Nigeria.

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