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Capital: Lilongwe
Population: 16,777,547 (July 2013 est.)
Population below national poverty line: 53%

Bóthar in Malawi:

As a result of Bóthar’s support, hundreds of families in Malawi now own and farm from dairy cows and goats, poultry, honeybees and fish. Since Bóthar became involved in Malawi in 2001, agricultural and veterinary supplies have also been provided along with delivering A.I. straws and training A.I. technicians locally as part of an over-all A.I. programme.

Because of the establishment of the processing plant a thriving community has been established in Mwera hills and a market has been established next to the processing plant to serve the farmers and locals who travel to the processing plant everyday.


Current Project Profiles

Project Title: Mwera Hill Dairy Processing Plant
Location: Mwera village is about 100 km north of Lilongwe, the capital city
Number of families: 100
Animals: Dairy heifers
Other inputs: Cooling centre and processing plant
Training: Organisation of farmer groups, animal health and production, dairy production, dairy processing, financial management, as well as training required for the efficient operation of the plant.
Brief synopsis: This project is an extension of a previous project that provided local people with dairy heifers. A cooling centre was then built to keep the farmers’ milk cool and fresh and act as a collection area. In addition to this, a processing plant was built which now produces two types of yoghurt along with fresh milk which is then sold for a better price.
Expected benefits: The creation of a milk processing plant and cooling centre means that the farmers can get a better price for their produce. Whereas previously they would have had only raw milk to sell at a low price, now they can command a fairer price for their fresh milk and yoghurt.
Local partner(s): SSLPP, Small Scale Livestock Promotion Programme

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