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Democratic Republic of Congo

Capital: Kinshasa
Population: 75,507,308 (July 2013 est.)
Population below national poverty line: 71%

Bóthar in Democratic Republic of Congo:

The Democratic Republic of Congo is now a well established Bóthar project country, with projects beginning in 2007.

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Current Project Profiles

Project Title: Small Loan of Goats for Poor Widows
Location: Kamanyola, Walungu district of South Kivu province
Number of families: 160 families
Animals: 160 dairy goats
Other inputs: Veterinary drugs
Training: All families will be mobilised and trained by a voluntary local piloting committee consisting of 8 members comprising of 2 government delegates, 2 persons from local civil society, 2 mobilising persons from AFPDE and 2 beneficiaries.
Brief synopsis: In collaboration with local government authorities, 160 dairy goats will be purchased. The local chief has promised these can be purchased tax free. There will be one mature dairy goat per widow, to ensure a quick return on the animal. The widows have small, fertile plots that can support these animals and which will also benefit from the manure they produce. Beneficiaries must be widows, have more than 3 children and have no other main source of income in order to qualify for the receipt of a goat.
Pass-on obligations: Once the goats have kidded twice the beneficiaries are obliged to refund the project the price of one mature nanny goat, which will be used to purchase dairy goats for the second round of beneficiaries.
Expected benefits: The dairy produce the goats provide will first and foremost give the beneficiary families a rich food source. Any surplus can be sold locally, the income from which can be used to purchase more foodstuffs, better clothing as well as cover school fees. 
Local partner: Association des Femmes pour la Promotion et le Developpement Endogene (AFPDE)
Other relevant data: This project is taking place in a region still recovering from the after effects of a war. 
Project title: Livestock Rehabilitation Programme in Kindu
Location: Kindu, Maniema Province, Central D.R. Congo
Number of families: 50
Animals: 80 pig gilts and 20 boars
Other inputs: Veterinary drugs, pig shelters and animal feed
Training: Beneficiaries are initiated in improved pig rearing
Brief synopsis: In a workshop held in Kindu, Maniema Province, in central D.R. Congo, 35 women, all victims of sexual violence, submitted a proposal that identified pigs as a suitable livestock activity to lift themselves out of poverty and integrate them back into society. The proposal includes helping 15 ex-combatants also. The project will be made possible through the construction of a pilot pigsty. 100 thoroughbred pigs will be housed in this facility. 20 boars will be included amongst this number. This pilot pigsty will act as an ideal platform for the beneficiaries to learn about the improved breeds of pig involved, the feed necessary, hygiene required and the allocation of veterinary products.
Pass-on obligations:

Additional beneficiaries will obtain piglets through the ‘passing on the gift’ mechanism.

Expected benefits: Beneficiaries will become self- sufficient in their own nutrition with meat from the pigs and the income their sale generates funding the acquisition of more and better quality foodstuffs.
Local partner: Fondation pour le Renforcement des Capacités des Populations (FORECAP)

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