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Burkina Faso

Capital: Ouagadougou
Population: 17,812,961 (July 2013 est.)
Population below national poverty line: 46.7%

Bóthar in Burkina Faso:

Bóthar has been supporting projects in Burkina Faso since 2002.  Projects involves farming with mainly poultry.


Current Project Profile

Project Title: Livestock Project for 200 Poor Households in South-west Burkina Faso
Location: Koper and Diebougou/Tiankoura areas
Number of families: 200
Animals: Poultry
Other inputs: One pick up truck, 2 motorbikes, chicken shelter construction materials, chicken feed, veterinary products and tree plants
Training: Training of families will be carried out by Extension trainers hired by ASUDEC. Families will be instructed in chicken shelter contruction, poultry management, sustainable agriculture and tree planting. 
Brief synopsis: This project is an extension of previous projects supported by Bóthar in Koper and the Diebougou/Tiankoura areas. This project aims to support 200 new beneficiary families in South-west Burkina Faso with chicken projects for two years in two locations.  These families will receive their chickens from previous Bóthar project beneficiaries. A special emphasis will be put on assisting farmers in defining clearer objectives for their projects. 
Pass-on obligations: At the end of the first year, each family will be expected to pass-on at least 10 + x chickens which will be shared as follows:  10 chickens to support a new needy family and x chickens (depending on the community) to contribute to community expenditures such as the construction or repair of infrastructures (schools, dispensary, water pumps, digging of wells, etc). 
Expected benefits: It is expected that farmers’ technical and financial management skills will improve significantly, resulting in improved productivity and income, and the production of more plausible impacts by the end of the project.
Co-financing partner(s): ASUDEC (Africa Sustainable Development Council), LSDC
Local partner(s): ASUDEC

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