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Super supporters Primary


St Ronan

St. Ronan’s Primary School Newry

The pupils along with their teachers at St. Ronan’s PS Newry have been researching Bóthar’s work and getting some ideas together to fundraise for two goats to send to Uganda. They have been following the five steps of how Bóthar makes sure the goat reaches their family in the developing world,

Step One: Fun and fundraising

Step Two: Preparing for their flight

Step Three: At the airport

Step Four: Kidding around with their new families

Step Five: Passing on the gift

You too can follow these steps just click on the Bóthar timeline on the primary school education page on Bóthar’s website,

Planning board

As you can see the primary five pupils have been very busy with all their work and they completed the fun quiz after a visit from Aoibheann Fearon, Bóthar’s Representative along with Bóthar’s goat. Aoibheann told the pupils all about Bóthar’s work and more especially how the gift of a goat can help families make such a positive difference in their lives. Primary 5 are now preparing for a cake and bun sale in the school on 16th March to raise money for 2 Bóthar goats!

If you would like any further information or would like to arrange a school visit from Bóthar please contact Aoibheann at 028 90627308

Bready Jubilee

Above: Bready Jubilee, a small primary school set along the road between Strabane and Derry raised a fantastic £957.00 for Bóthar. All of the pupils enjoyed raising money for their goats which will soon be heading out to Africa to help families lift themselves out of poverty. As you can see from the photograph the pupils worked very hard and did a whole project based on the story of Beatrice’s Goat and even drew their own picture of the goat ‘kidding around with their new family’ Thank you so much to all the parents, staff, and friends of Bready Jubilee, most importantly thank you to the pupils for all your hard work!

Corranny PS

Above: Corranny PS Co. Fermanagh. 2008-2009 was a very special year for Corranny Primary school in Co. Fermanagh, it was the last year they would all be together as they were moving on to a new school in September, and boy did they mark this occasion! Corranny pupils got together and organised a cake sale and raffles invited everyone from the surrounding area in to taste their delights and raise money. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this fundraising appeal from all around the local area. Good luck in your new school everyone!


Good Shepherd PS

Above: Good Shepherd PS Poleglass. The Good Shepherd Poleglass have been great supporters of Bóthar for many years now and even came down to help launch Bóthar in Northern Ireland. We are very grateful to Mr Pat McManus and all the staff, parents and most especially the pupils for all their hard work in raising money for Bóthar.

St Josephs PS

Above: St. Josephs PS Crumlin. All the pupils of St. Joseph’s PS Crumlin were very busy recently raising money to send a Bóthar goat out to Africa. Through the sale of goat’s milk and cheese the families will be able to start a new life and buy much needed medicines, build themselves a stronger home and send the children to school. On the 30th September 2009 a very special friend of Bóthar’s arrived at the school to thank all the pupils and teachers for their hard work this year. The school raised a brilliant £225 for a Bóthar goat, thanks to everyone involved especially Ms McAuley the charity coordinator for organizing everything.

St Marys PS

Above: St. Mary’s PS Killesher Co. Fermanagh. What an amazing school, the pupils at St. Mary’s Killesher wanted to raise money to help other children in the developing world after they read the book about Beatrice and how her life was transformed after she received a goat from Bóthar a number of years ago. The school got together with their parents, aunties, uncles, friends and cousins just everyone turned up when the school had a carol service and other fundraisers to raise the money for a goat, the school managed to raise a massive €300. Thanks to everyone involved!

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