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Key stage 2

Dear Teacher,

Please note you can order a paper back copy of ‘Beatrice’s Goat’ for £7 - all proceeds go towards our goat projects in Africa. Your students will enjoy reading about Beatrice’s life and how Bóthar helped her and her family out of poverty.

You will find a fun quiz and other activities under the activities section of this website.

Suggested role plays (these can also be delivered as debates) Bóthar is built on empowering people to help themselves out of poverty. We do not decide who should receive the gift of livestock. Communities get together and form a council which decides who should receive the first animal, and to whom the pass on gift should go. Perhaps your students would like to organise themselves into a community council and decide who should get the animal coming over in the next airlift. This is a great opportunity to develop their ability to communicate and capture the interest of listeners.

  • I should be the first to get a goat because…
  • I am a 12 year old girl, my father died of HIV AIDS when I was 6, I am helping my mother bring up the 5 children. OR
  • I have a lovely house with two cars and a nice garden but I would like a goat as a pet OR
  • I am village chief I will decide who gets the goat. OR
  • I have 7 children and I don’t have enough money for food, medicine or school fees, I want a better future for my children

The following suggested essay titles will help evoke thought and understanding in the children as they pretend to be a child of similar age in Uganda… Just like Beatrice,

The day my goat arrived

Our passing on ceremony

My first day at school.

Perhaps your class would like to fundraise together to help a girl or boy, just like Beatrice, to receive the life-changing gift of a goat.

Call Bóthar now to arrange a school visit 028 90627308

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