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Post Primary Teachers

Dear Teacher,

Welcome to the Cash for Cows online pack! Are you looking for something different to do in your Learning for Life and Work class?  

Why not get your students to establish a small business or Bóthar supporters group with the aim to raise enough funds to send an animal of your choice to a family in need. So which will it be a pair of yak for a family in the Himalayas, a cow for a family in Kosovo, a goat to a Ugandan family?

The six easy steps to changing families lives!

  1. Together with your class decide what the aim of your venture will be? (how much money do you hope to raise/how many animals do you hope to send to the developing world)

  2. Name your business (Bóthar Supporters Group)

  3. Ask the students to elect fellow classmates as members of the business (who will you need, a manager, PA, PR, marketing manager, accountant, farmer it’s up to you?)

  4. How will the students raise the money?

  5. Every good venture deserves good PR, perhaps you could help the students contact your local paper, use your school website, local shops for posters etc. let people know about the wacky (but very worthwhile) fundraisers that you have been up to.

  6. Send a short report along with photo through to the Bóthar Belfast office so that we can put it on our super supporters’ page!

Check out the Bóthar information DVD it is a great resource for the students to see how Bóthar are helping to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange a school visit please call 028 90627308.

Many thanks

Niamh Mulqueen
Schools Development Officer

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