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Post Primary Schools

Dear student,

So it’s  another year closer to your career, have you started thinking about what you could possibly do as an exciting career? Do you know what employers are looking for? Good grades? Experience? Both?

Why not set up your own small ‘business’ and at the same time help many people throughout the developing world. At Bóthar we help people to help themselves out of poverty, a hand up, not a hand out.

So here is your challenge for the year, why not establish a small business or supporters group with the aim to raise enough funds to send an animal of your choice to a family in need.

So which will it be a pair of yak for a family in the Himalayas, a cow for a family in Kosovo, a goat to a Ugandan family?
  1. Together with your class decide what the aim of your venture will be? (how much money do you hope to raise/how many animals do you hope to send to the developing world)
  2. Name your business (Bóthar Supporters Group)
  3. Elect members of your business (who will you need, a manager, PA, PR, marketing manager, accountant, farmer it’s up to you?)
  4. How are you going to raise this money?
  5. Every good venture deserves good PR, perhaps you will want to contact your local paper, use your school website, local shops for posters etc. let people know about the wacky (but very worthwhile) fundraisers that you have been up to.
  6. Send a short report along with photo through to the Bóthar Belfast office so that we can put it on our super supporters’ page!

You can find out more about each project, just click on the country profiles and animal profiles, it can be really motivational to know how exactly our projects help those in the developing world

If you need any help or have any queries just give us a call 028 90627308

Take care and good luck this year!


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