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Study Tours

Study Tours are a great tool that enables donors to see the sustainable solutions that Bóthar provides in projects throughout the world. Study Tour participants have a unique opportunity to see first-hand how their donations are changing lives and protecting the earth. If seeing is believing, then our donors become believers because of their study tour experience.

Study Tours are part of Bothar's educational mission. Participants are given the chance to see how Bóthar works in the field, how the organisation interacts with communities and brings families and entire communities out of poverty.

20th Anniversary Study Tour

Study Tours take participants into the very heart of our work. You get to visit locations, meet people and have such personal experiences of the developing world as well. Few people ever have such a privilege. Participants return home with a new concept of the world and a renewed enthusiasm for making it a better place. Every tour involves travel, visiting families, seeing the livestock in action and of course the essential rest and relaxation time.

For more details on Study Tours, please contact Pat Mullins on 061 414142 or email:

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