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The impact of Tree Planting programme in Sirajgonj District

BangladeshI am Hedayetullah and I am 55 years of age and I live at Burungi village of Sirajgonj district of Bangladesh. I was a farmer. I lost my house and small patch of land following a flood in 2005.

I became quite helpless after the flood – I had no work and it was really tough for me to manage the day-to-day needs of my family-members. I was the only earning person of my family. I was constantly in search of a job, but I failed repeatedly. I had no access to land since most of the lands were flooded that time.

Then I heard about the One Lac Tree Plantation Program in Sirajgonj district by Beacon of Light sponsored by Bóthar. Now I feel that I am so lucky that I started producing the plants. Last year I produced 12,000 plants and I could manage to overcome my poverty by selling the plants at the market while also improving our land.

Now I understand the necessity of tree plantation. It is no longer a business for earning money for me – I am passionate about the work now. I see how it preserves our environment from the changing climate. As I lost my house and farming land due to the natural disaster, I was a bit emotional to work with the plants in the beginning but I received training how to produce plants more efficiently.

This year I already have produced more than 8,000 plants for sale. I never thought I could get back my happiness again. Now I can see my bright future; I can buy food for my family, my kids are going to schools again.

I am 55 years old and I have learned a lot. Many important things come to my mind now and I wish I could have learned all this before. This project has also brought my family closer together, we all see the need to look after our crops and land and work together to do this.

Thanks to all the people at Bóthar and Beacon of Light that made our dreams come true.

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