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Goats improve how families interact in Pakistan

BÓTHAR received this story from one of its field staff in Pakistan; he describes how goats have helped families in Pakistan to work better together and how they have enabled women to receive more rights within their communities. ‘We visited Mariam who is taking part in one of the Bóthar goat projects in her village. We were brought in to see her house and all of the improvements that she has been able to make since receiving her goat. She had made improvements such as using cement material to make her home more permanent, the animals were eating fodder and their housing was clean and in perfect condition. We were very happy with the efforts of Mariam and her family and then asked to Mariam “how it possible to make all of these changes?


“I worked very hard on the goats care with the skills I learned at the Bóthar training sessions. I gave fodder, water and medicine in time, I protected them according to weather condition, and keep them in clean enclosure therefore with the passage of time, God blessed on me through breeding of goats and I got income from selling their milk and with this income my children started their schooling and better life needs.

“My children grew in strength and health by drinking the goat’s milk. The training we received had a large impact on my husband’s way of thinking and viewing his family, he loved all of his family and gave rights to every member including me, and I plan the monthly budget on domestic expenditure and saved money that I could spend on my children’s education. “Trees were also planted and we are hopeful that they will benefits us in many ways, including the protection and beautification of land and also the source of food and shade for animals.” One of the biggest impacts that Mariam has had on her neighbours is that they all see that a woman can be treated equally and many of the neighbours have asked Mariam to share with them the training that she received through Bóthar.

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