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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

- a project update from Albania

Uruçaj village in Albania sits on the valley of Ishmi River, about 15 km north of Pequini city. People in the village work mostly in farming (both in crops and animals). Without farming, the only other option is for people to emigrate.


Albania representative Gori Steffi delivers this report.

In 2007 Bóthar sent 20 heifers to 20 families in this community. Two years on and the villagers who received dairy cows from Bóthar ‘passed-on’ the firstborn female calves born to their animals to other struggling families.

Despite the rain making an appearance, 60 people were gathered for this passing-on ceremony. The local authorities were also present and expressed their support for the project.

According to Luan Zylyfi, Secretary of the Commune. “This project has assisted many families, has changed their lives and it is also spreading its effect to our whole community”.

As part of the ceremony, 10 families brought their young heifers to pass on to other needy families. Margarita, a mother of three young boys spoke about her experience. “This cow brought food for my children and a new hope for me. My husband died three years ago and it was impossible for me to feed my three kids. But now we see people care for us, Bóthar is here to help us and my children can go to school.”

She receives social assistance from the local commune, but it is far from sufficient to feed her family. “This cow really means a lot to them, and they treat her like a member of their family. You can see this fact in the beautiful heifer she’s passing today”, added the leader of the project Hajdar Uruci.

The Kashari family received Margarita’s calf. In a tearful exchange with the new family Margarita said “now I feel what this means, to help the others just as these donors from Ireland helped me”.

That is what it’s all about. Thank you to everyone that has continued to help support Bóthar projects.

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