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Learning from the gift of a cow

Bóthar received the following story from its project office in Hondouras, this stoy shows that a cows can not only provide for a families physical needs but also their emotional needs.


My name is Carlos Arturo Villeda, my participation in the Bóthar and Heifer Honduras project has been very difficult, since it was my father who started working in the project but unfortunatelly he died in January, 2007, and before he passed-away, he asked me to continue attending the meetings and training sessions. With courage and dedication, I am actually taking care of my 66 years old mother, and my three brothers. Thanks to my father’s advice and the project group’s integration, I have had the opportunity to receive some training and thus learned about various subjects, such as animal management. It feels almost impossible for me to own a cowas it took my father 75 years to have a cow. What I feel is that this has changed my life, and what I consider it to be of great value, is the work relationship within the group. There I have learned that even if I don’t have a lot of money, I do have a lot to contribute to the people near me. Therefore, I am very thankful to my father and the project. And regarding my “Preciosa” (that is the name of my cow), I feel very motivated and well-trained to take care of my cow. I am very thankful for this opportunity to own a cow, which for me has fallen from heaven, since I have a younger brother who is struggling with physical and mental disabilities, and now he can have a liter of milk every day which is improving his health. The rest of the milk goes to the rest of the family and the extra is sold at the local market. Thank you very much! God bless your work and your families.

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