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Bóthar is part of a community of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) using livestock in development aid, Bóthar would not be able to do the wonderful work it does all over the world without the help and support of its not for profit and Corporate partners all over the world.

Non Profit Partners

Heifer International

Bóthar and Heifer International: A mutually enriching relationship.

Very early in the development of Bóthar the board recognised that there were a number of strong arguments against opening up Bóthar field offices. Chief reasons included; the drain of resources maintaining such offices; the fact there were many local organisations specialising in livestock development and it made more economic sense to build their capacity rather than just transplanting people from the developed world; and a significant network already existed.

Heifer International (formerly Heifer Project International) was founded in 1944 and has helped more than 4 million impoverished households in 129 countries move toward self-reliance through livestock development, the provision of income-producing animals and training. Every family and community receiving animals also receives training in environmentally sound, sustainable agriculture. Recipient families pass on the gift by sharing on or more of their animals' offspring with other struggling families.

Bóthar and Heifer International have collaborated since 1991.

It was quite easy for Bóthar to adapt and fit into this network as the missions of both organisations are compatible. The relationship has worked brilliantly as both organisations offer opportunities to each other that increase the effectiveness of their work.

Initially this relationship was confined to an African Programme, but since it has stretched to an Eastern European Programme, an Asian Programme and a South American Programme.


Heifer Nederlands

Founded in 1998 Bóthar and Heifer Nederlands have been working together to provide animals and support to families in Eastern Europe and Africa.

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Elevages Sans Frontieres

Elevages Sans Frontieres is a French organisation that has been working with Bóthar to provide animals to struggling families in Eastern Europe and Africa.


Irish Aid Funding

Irish Aid LogoIn 2013 Bóthar received funding from Irish Aid for the Integrated Livelihoods and Agribusiness Support Project, (ILASP), in Central Province, Zambia. Irish Aid has been funding similar projects in Zambia in partnership with Bóthar since 2008. The ILASP will target women-led farmer groups in rural communities of Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi districts. This project directly targets 2,000 families. 150 original and 110 pass-on families will receive tangible assets in the form of livestock and 540 families will be linked to market related activities. The other 1,200 will benefit from capacity building and organisational capacity and will provide a pool of subsequent pass-on.

Bóthar has received various types of funding from Irish Aid since 1996. Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s programme for overseas development. The programme is managed by the Development Co-operation Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The fight to end global poverty and hunger is integral to Ireland’s foreign policy. Bóthar’s currently receives funding from Irish Aid’s Civil Society Fund. Bóthar is a recognised partner of Irish Aid and shares its visions of a sustainable and just world where everyone has the opportunity to be empowered to overcome poverty and hunger.

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