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On behalf of the families we are assisting in Nepal, thank you.

I would like to keep you up to date on how your donation has been used to get help to those in need.

So far, through our network on the ground, Bóthar has helped provide relief supplies to 10,394 families. We're also working with the local government to co-ordinate the delivery of supplies and with other local agencies to provide food and water to project families in districts where aid was slow to arrive due to damaged roads. In addition to this, a medical team of non-resident Nepalese volunteers are providing medical care during the distribution of supplies.

Neena Joshi, Bóthar's representative in Nepal, reports that housing damage is more widespread than first thought, possibly impacting up to 95% of structures in some areas.  So far, we have been focused on providing temporary shelter, blankets and mattresses for our affected farmers – especially tents with durable quality to last through the coming monsoon season that typically runs from June to September.

Bóthar is continuing to raise funds so that we can continue to help in the long-term, just like we are continuing to do in Haiti and the Philippines. In the coming weeks Bóthar will be working with affected farming families providing medical attention, food and shelter, veterinary care, veterinary medicines, fodder, fencing and ultimately rebuilding.

Thank you for your support. Donations can continue to be made here

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