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Help Us Build a Creamery

Help Us Build a Creamery

We are very excited to be coming back to you with an up-date on construction of our fourth creamery which is being built at Ruzizi, Western Rwanda.  

As our site is in such a remote location, communications from there can sometimes be slow, but I spoke to Aideen O’Leary, our Project Director on the ground, just this morning and she has sent me on everything I need so that I can bring you fully up to speed on what is happening.

Construction is continuing at the site of the creamery in Ruzizi and we are making steady progress. Aideen and I hope that, with your help, we will have the creamery open and producing milk and yogurt in the coming months.

We are just short three pieces of equipment and, vitally, a refrigerated vehicle to transport the pastuerised milk to market in the neighbouring town of Bukavu, which is just on the far side of the river, in The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Poverty in Africa is predominantly rural. More than 70 per cent of the continent’s poor people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for food and livelihood, yet development assistance to agriculture is decreasing.

In Sub-Saharan Africa alone more than 218 million people are living in extreme poverty.

The role that agricultural development, and creamery development as a component of that, can play in the fight against hunger and poverty, cannot be overstated.

The impact that this creamery will have on the entire community in Ruzizi will be phenomenal. I know from what I have seen happen in the communities where we opened our first creameries in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia that there will be an explosion of activity as soon as the creamery is operational!

When our creamery in Malawi first opened it created a hub of bustling activity, with grain-trading and seed and farm equipment-selling, all going on from wooden stalls. Now, over time, these make-shift shops have transformed into a permanent commercial community.

Please help us.
Send a donation today that we can use to pay for the purchase of the remaining three pieces of creamery equipment and the refrigerated vehicle. We need:

- Machine 1: Pasteuriser     (Cost: €15,000)
- Machine 2: Separator         (Cost: €10,000)
- Machine 3: Homogeniser     (Cost: €40,000)
- Refrigerated Vehicle         (Cost: €40,000)

That’s a total of €105,000 left to get the Creamery open and operating - together we can do it!

Please donate any amount at all that you can spare - €50, €100 or €200 - anything at all would be greatly appreciated and fully used to cover the cost of getting the creamery open.

You can make your donation online here, or you can telephone the office to speak to a member of the Bóthar team on 1850 82 99 99.

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