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A gift that ‘shortens the road’

A gift that ‘shortens the road’

There’s an old Irish saying, “Giorraíonn beirt bóthar”, which means “two shorten the road”. In other words, so long as we have someone by our side, our journey becomes easier.  

It’s a phrase that often comes to mind when Bóthar receives the gift of a life-saving animal from our donors.

This gift gives a family a hand up, hope for the future and helps educate children.

A gift that ‘shortens the road’ for a struggling family...

...a struggling family like Felicien Nzajyibwami’s, whose journey was radically altered thanks to support from someone like you.

The survival of Felicien and her family is nothing short of a miracle. Living in what can only be described as horrific conditions, they tried their very best to make a better life for themselves. Every day going out looking for work, hungry, trying to gather money to put food on the table. And every night, returning tired and empty, knowing that tomorrow would tell the same story.

The future was bleak...

...then one day, Felicien’s daughter, Timon, ran home, breathless, to tell of a woman in the parish who had received an Irish dairy cow that was going to change their lives.

And suddenly, Felician’s heart filled with hope. She dared not think too far ahead in case her dream did not come true.

But, finally, her journey became easier. In February 2013, Rwandan Felicien’s and her family received the gift of an Irish dairy cow through Bóthar.

“Giorraíonn beirt bóthar.”

Almost one year after receiving their Bóthar gift, their future has changed. Her cow is now producing enough milk for the family to enjoy. The surplus is sold at the local market, ensuring that Felicien has guaranteed a regular income, which means that Felicien has enough money to pay school fees for all of her 8 children.

We hope to send another airlift of Irish dairy cows to families like Felicien’s this year.

Currently, we have 70 in-calf heifers prepared to fly, but as of today, we have only secured enough funds to fly 44 of the cattle.

This is a real problem, but I hope you can solve it for me and help a family like Felicien’s.

YOUR gift will mean that families who are desperately hoping for a better future won’t be left waiting.

Families who have spent months preparing for the life-changing gift of a food-and-income producing animal.

Families who hope that one day soon they will be able to feed their family, buy medicine and finally earn money to send their children to school.

I want to keep their hopes alive. YOU have the power to keep their hopes alive.

Bóthar wants to send a FULL AIRLIFT of in-calf heifers this year, but we need to raise the airfare for 26 of the 70 cattle.

We desperately need donations to cover the placement costs of €1,150 per animal.
For every €1,150 Bóthar raises from this appeal, another animal will make the journey.

The placement costs cover the following:

  • Each family has to be trained in Irish dairy cow management.

  • Each family has to build an appropriate Zero Grazing Unit.

  • Each family has to grow a sufficient amount of the right type of fodder.

  • Each family has to be supervised during the initial stages in the care and management of their cow.

Together we can start these families on their journey to a better future.

“Giorraíonn beirt bóthar.” Let’s make it more than just a saying.


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