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Give Wedding Gifts with Meaning

Give Wedding Gifts with Meaning

Moo Moo – I do!

Give Wedding Gifts with Meaning

It’s wedding time of year again when the big questions are what to wear and what presents to buy? Well these days most people have everything they need, so the traditional gifts of dishes and ironing boards are no longer necessary.

Why not give them a present that will last as long as their love? The living gift of livestock sent to a poor family is possibly the best gift that you could give the couple that has everything.

Is the bride a cow? Is the groom a goat? What about honeybees for the happy couple? Why not give the living gift of livestock from the Bóthar Gift Catalogue?

A Card Instead of a Cake

Who really eats cake? Here’s a novel way to be a bit different. Bóthar will supply you with a large personalised message that you can display instead of a cake, letting all your guests know that you are supporting Bóthar.

Wedding Gift List

For someone who has everything - you get to give something back! Work with Bóthar on your very own personalised Bóthar Wedding Gift List. It’s not everyone that can ask for a couple of kid goats!

Table Card

This is a more traditional way of letting your guests know that you are supporting your favourite charity. These cards are personalised with the Bride & Groom’s names. Just let us know how many tables you have and we can send out the cards to you!

Place Name Card

This is just another way of showing your guests that you are supporting Bóthar. Simply tell us how many people will be attending your wedding and we’ll send you out all the place cards you’ll need. There’s a space at the front of each card to fill in your guests’ names!

Your generous gift will put a destitute family on the path towards self reliance, income and education for their children and the many other benefits that result when people have the means to take care of themselves - a new future filled with hope and promise.

As the married couple looks forward to a loving and positive future, let them experience the joy of helping others to have the same.

Bóthar will use your gift to establish a struggling family in a small farming unit. Bóthar is committed to using the most appropriate farm animal for the environment, climate and culture of recipient families. Your donation also covers training and preparation of a family to receive an animal and full veterinary backup for a number of years.

But the really wonderful thing about giving a living gift from the Bóthar gift catalogue is that it is not just one family that benefits, each recipient must pass-on the firstborn female of their animal to another family that has been trained to care for it. In this way your gift keeps on growing. You can be sure that the gift that you give will grow with the happy couple for some time to come.

You can send a dairy cow, goat, fish, chicken or pig, rabbit, bees or trees. Bóthar has something for everyone’s price range.

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