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Namirembe Diocese tree planting project brings about change

Namirembe Diocese tree planting project brings about change

The tree planting project in the Namirembe Diocese, Uganda has been going from strength to strength since it began back in 2008. The aim of the project was to educate people on how to protect the environment and to plant more tree seedlings.

The project has sensitised over 150 members and members have received fruit and other tree seedlings to plant according to the land they have.

Through the sensitisation, more people are interested in learning about the environment and how to protect it. They have learned that they need to plant more trees to replace those that were cut.

The project has also assisted churches to plant pine and eucalyptus trees on their vast land to reduce soil erosion and encroachment. Their plan is to start selling eucalyptus poles for construction and leave others, which will be sold after six years, as electricity poles. The income raised will be used to purchase seedlings to pass-on to other parishes and individuals in those areas.

August 2011 saw more beneficiaries in the Gayaza parish receive over 350 seedlings of fruits and multipurpose trees. They were encouraged to plant trees to protect the environment and to sell some for income.

The seedlings were then handed over to group leaders by Rev. Kawooya, who thanked Bóthar and their donors, for accepting to fund agro-forestry under the Namirembe Diocese Tree project.

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