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When you think of Bóthar you might think of our dairy cow and dairy goat programmes, but in actual fact, one of the most effective programmes that we use to help the very poorest of the poor in the developing world is our nutritious Honey Bee programme. 

Honey Bees are very suitable for people who might not be able to care for a larger animal.

When space and money are at a premium, bees are the perfect solution as Honey Bees require almost no space and once established are inexpensive to maintain. 

For the past 18 months Bóthar has been running a successful bee-keeping programme in Blouberg, near the town of Dendron in the Limpopo District of South Africa, providing education and a sustainable source of income using Honey Bees, for children who have been orphaned by HIV/ AIDS.

These children have already lost parents to HIV/AIDS. At 13 and 14 years of age, they are now caring for their brothers and sisters and there are little or no opportunities for them in their village.

How can a bee help? 

One bee alone may not amount to much,but collectively, bees change lives…

Every participant receives regular training from other established bee-keepers in the group and from a local agricultural advisory group who help with the practical and theoretical aspects of bee-husbandry, the production of honey and the sale of wax. With these skills, participants can earn an income by selling surplus honey and wax at the local market.

As is the Bóthar way, once a participant is established and earning an income they need to pass on the gift to another family waiting to join the programme and supply them with three beehives.

A gift of €50 will help:

Train a family in modern bee-keeping practices. 
Provide a hive of Honey Bees to start off their bee-keeping activities. (Each family receives 3 hives of Honey Bees to establish their bee farm). Provide modern bee-keeping equipment to be shared by the community group. 
Provide free veterinary back-up and advice  for the initial 12 months of the programme.

On behalf of the families and children you are helping, thank you.

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