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Giving a gift of an Irish dairy goat to a family in Tanzania would change their lives forever. An Irish goat will produce up to four times as much milk as a local cow - that's up to four litres of nutritious milk per day. This is enough to enable the family to enjoy milk in their diet and raise money from the sale of extra milk and cheese. Families who receive dairy goats from Bóthar would often not have enough land to support a larger animal, so your gift of a dairy goat will go to the poorest of the poor.

Dairy goats are very well suited to our East African project countries; they also thrive in our projects in Eastern Europe and Asia. Dairy goats are friendly and easy to manage. They will kid each year, and because they often produce twins, a farmer can quickly start to build up a small herd.

Your donation also covers training & preparation of a family to receive an animal, transporation of the animal & full veterinary back up for a number of years.

Indigenous African goats are not dairy animals and are rarely milked in Africa. They produce about a cupful of milk per day.

Bóthar has projects for which we supply local goats, but these are for meat production only.

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