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In the nineties, Bóthar was due to send an airlift of Irish dairy cows to Tanzania. After the BSE crisis in the mid-nineties, that airlift never happened as there were no imports or exports of Irish cattle at that time.  

Understandable, yes.

But unbelievably disappointing.

At the time, we had made a promise to the people of Tanzania, and due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to renege on that promise.

It was a devastating time for the charity, but we vowed that one day that airlift would happen.  

We knew there were hundreds, nay thousands, of families that needed our help. We knew that an opportunity would present itself to help the people of Tanzania and last year it did!

Flying Irish dairy cows to Tanzania was always an issue that the Tanzanian Government wanted to revisit. After a series of talks earlier this year, along with comprehensive due diligence regarding programme suitability, the Tanzanian Government agreed to part-fund an airlift of 70 in-calf Irish dairy heifers from Shannon Airport to Dodomo.

Amazing news.

Bóthar is now working closely with the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT), an agricultural partnership designed to improve agricultural productivity, food security and livelihoods in Tanzania. It was initiated at the World Economic Forum Africa Summit in May 2010 and covers approximately one third of mainland Tanzania.  

Bóthar recently visited the project areas of Njombe, Rungwe, and Mbeya, and met families, mothers in particular, who wanted to work. Wanted to earn a living. But there were no means to do so.

These women are trapped in a vicious cycle. With little or no education, there are little or no jobs available.

Whatever is available is not a job that you would wish for them.

This invitation by the Tanzanian Government is nearly twenty years in the making.

Bóthar needs your help to be able to fly these cows to the families who are waiting to receive them. There are 70 families who are starting the Bóthar training programme, which will teach them how to earn an income from their life-saving gift, how to care for their animal and above all change their lives. All participants in the Bóthar programme receive training and veterinary support for three years after they receive their animal. This is hugely important and why Bóthar’s programmes are so successful.

Please help us keep our promise to the people of Tanzania.

Your support, as always, is very much appreciated.

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