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Gerry’s Litter Drive is changing lives in Rwanda.

-Portlaoise native Gerry Furlong is picking litter off the streets and changing lives in the developing world-

For the past year, Portlaoise native Gerry Furlong has been cleaning litter from the streets of his local town. It’s all in support of Bothar, the national charity that provides livestock to struggling families in the developing world. You might see him walking on his daily 4km route, picking up litter as he goes, wearing his Bóthar high-viz vest.

To date, Gerry has raised in excess of €1,000! And he wants to keep going.

I’ve always had an interest in Bóthar and have been inspired by the work that they do. I’m a keen walker and keeping our streets clean is something that is so important to me. I thought, why not put the effort in by cleaning up the streets and get rewarded by helping a struggling family in the developing world. It saddens me to say that there is litter to pick up everyday, but I’ve turned it in to a positive and the businesses of Portlaoise are behind me. I’ve raised over €1,000 so far and I’m hoping my efforts will bring it to €2,000 over the summer. I would encourage everyone who is happy to do so to make a donation on-line at and click on my button,” Gerry said.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, Bóthar, Kate Finucane said,  “Every family that receives an Irish dairy cow notices an immediate difference in their lives when their heifer calves and starts to produce milk. Irish dairy cows do well in the Developing World, giving up to 20 litres of milk per day, whereas for example in Rwanda, the local, indigenous cow produces just one litre per day.   

 “We are now in our 26th year and even in bad times, people have still supported Bóthar because they know that their animal is going to change a life in the developing world. I’ve seen first-hand the difference an Irish dairy cow can make. Every mother I meet wants the best for her children, which means being able to afford to send them to school and give them good health. An Irish dairy cow can do that. We have 26 years experience of seeing it,” she concluded.

If you’d like to support Gerry Furling on his litter drive to change lives in the developing world, please donate above or donate over the phone by calling 1850 82 99 99.

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