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Across Peru more than 90 people have died since the start of the year as unusually heavy rainfall caused landslides and flash floods. 10,000 people have been affected in the city of Piura and double that number in Catacaos. 

Last week, the river Piura burst its banks after 15 hours of heavy rains and caused extensive flooding.  These rains are the heaviest in almost a decade.

Peru Emergency 1

Bóthar’s Project Partner Heifer International, works with 4,200 families in Peru. 1,000 families have been affected in the Piura region in northwestern Peru and many have lost their homes and crops - their livelihoods, as the torrential rains have triggered severe flooding and mudslides. Heifer Peru staff have had difficulty accessing the project areas due to damage to roads and communications lines. Hundreds of residents are still waiting to be taken to safety. 

Oscar Castaneda, Heifer's Vice President of the Americas, said the rains are a result of the El Nino effect. "The soil doesn't have the capacity to take in any more water, and thus the flooding followed." 

Peru Emergency 2

Help us get these families get back on their feet again. We need to help them to rebuild their lives that these rains have destroyed. 

Please donate today. 

What has Bóthar pledged to help Heifer Peru help the people of Peru...

Relief efforts will focus on the following activities and will be done in collaboration with local, regional, and central government. 

All activities are due to be completed by June 30, 2017.


Food and Drinking Water

Type of Damage: Lack of access to clean water

Number of Project Households Affected: 4600 families

Relief Efforts: provision of water tanks with filtration; water treatment tabs and suitable water storage containers; inputs and training to cultivate small garden plots.


Honey Production

Type of Damage: damage to apiaries and damage to beehives

Number of Project Households Affected: 200 Families

Nature of Relief Efforts: technical assistance to rehabilitate beehives and apiaries.


Crop and Agriculture

Type of Damage: loss of cacao, rice, maize, sweet potatoes, and bean crops

Number of Project Households Affected: 1900 Families

Nature of Relief Efforts: delivery of basic food; delivery of seeds and training to support planting and growing new crops.



Type of Damage: Flood damage to family structures and animal pens

Number of Project Households Affected: 2400 families

Relief Efforts: technical assistance and inputs to repair structures; water pumps to remove standing water.



Type of Damage: Spread of disease among families due to standing water, loss of shelter, and loss of food and clean water.

Relief Efforts: provision of mosquito nets, protective window mesh, first aid kits, and survival kits.


Whatever you can afford to give will make a difference. 

Thank you. 




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