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In the Valley of a Thousand Hills, located within an hour of Durban, lies the Kwazulu-Natal province. It’s a peri-urban area that has little formal agricultural activities. But what it does have is goats! 

Indigenous goats. 

While Irish dairy goats are superior in terms of milk yields, we cannot forget about the humble local African goats, because although they may not be as great as the Irish dairy goat, they have their own means of changing lives in Kwazuku-Natal. 

Bóthar was shocked to learn that the infant mortality rate of indigenous African kid goats was 90%. NINETY PER CENT! Faced with this knowledge, we are acting right now to save them, raise them, and give them to families who want to be part of the local Goat Agribusiness Programme. 

These goats will enable families to lift themselves out of poverty 

- will help them change their lives.

With your help, we can make every kid count. 

Here’s how...


We know that if new mums have adequate protein blocks, they will be able to provide enough milk for their kids to feed on. 

Instantly, this would reduce the infant mortality rate. A protein block! Such a simple idea that will save the lives of hundreds of kid goats.  

Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW) interventions 

Bóthar wants to help fund CAHW’s to support farmers in their communities. They undergo accredited training to become “paravets”. The CAHW’s will be equipped with vet kits, provided by Bóthar, and provide a variety of interventions and services to our project farmers, meaning that the goats and their kids are properly cared for ensuring that they remain productive, enabling farmers to earn an income.  

Disease Prevention - the construction of a Goat Dipping Tank

There is a huge problem with tick borne diseases and goats. CAHW’s currently use a sprayer and have to spray each goat one by one, which is very time consuming. With the construction of a goat dipping tank (which used to be common many years ago), farmers would bring their goats to the dip, pay a small fee, and ensure their goats are protected against ticks.

All of the above combined will only serve to improve the lives of hundreds of goats and their kids in the Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa.

We know that the milk yields are nowhere near as high as an Irish dairy goat, but local goats do supply a small amount of milk. The aim of this project is to enable farmers to build their herds, by reducing kid mortality. By having more goats, they will have an increased milk supply, which will enable farmers to sell any surplus and earn an income.

Come on, make every kid count!

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