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Water is a contentious issue. Here in Ireland, water has rarely been out of the headlines. 

People are passionate about water. 

It’s the same in Barpello, East Pokot, Kenya - water is always a point for conversation. But their problem is a little different than the water conversations we have here in Ireland - because they don’t have any.


It has not rained with any significance for the past number of years.

Their well is dry. 

They have no clean water. What they are drinking is filthy and contaminated. 

You may be aware that Fr. David Conway, an Irish Holy Ghost priest, brought this problem to our attention last year and we were able to drill one borehole in the village of Barpello. While the original borehole was a success, the problem continues because the original borehole can only solve the problem for so many.


For others, the problem of clean water continues. What they are drinking is filthy and contaminated. It is disgusting.


It is a daily struggle to survive.

On January 25th this year, Fr. Conway wrote to me and pleaded for the drilling of an additional borehole.


“You have already helped in the provision of a bore hole which has excellent potable water. The condition of the water which was laboratory tested is of very high quality. The school is the main beneficiary of the water while there are two stand pipes for the community. The people coming for the water praise Bóthar as it is the only source of water in this community. The existing Bóthar Bore Hole has made irrigation possible and is helping to mitigate against water borne diseases.

As I write, we are going through a very severe drought, we have had NO rain since the beginning of November. There is a huge need for many more bore-holes throughout this division. Water is at crisis stage in many Pokot Communities as water pans have dried. The provision of

a bore hole with clean potable water is a long term food (irrigation) and water security project. When we get the expected April rains, the borehole remains intact for many years to come. Please help.” Fr. Conway 2017. 


Something we take for granted here, is something that people in East Pokot are dying from. And the knock-on effects of having no water raise their ugly heads to make living in the community much more difficult. Warring communities become active in drought as people struggle to go about their daily lives and there is an increase in the activity of Female Genital Mutilation as there is a greater need to prepare girls for early marriage to reduce their dependency on the family.


And it is avoidable.


Will you help us do something?


Together, we can fix this problem. This is where YOU can help.


I hope that you can think about the huge difficulties that this community is enduring and make a donation that will help change their lives.


We know it will help because we have seen the impact the first bore-hole has had.

Please, pledge whatever you can afford to this urgent appeal. 


Thank you. 

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