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If you’ve been anywhere near a shop in the past week, you’ll have been inundated with opportunities to buy Valentine’s gifts; flowers, chocolates and teddy bears, to name but a few.

While many do not wish to enter into the consumerism of Valentine’s day, there are many ways to show others you care for them. 

Buy a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day. Not something that is going to be eaten quickly, or flowers that will die within a week, but buy the gift of honeybees or dairy cows - a life-changing gift. 

You see a gift from Bóthar will actually change lives because the gift of a food-and-income producing animal, like honeybees or dairy cows, enables families to lift themselves out of poverty in rural communities, where there are little or no opportunities available to them. 

Your donation of €20, €50, €100, whatever it may be, may seem like a drop in the ocean, but let me tell you it is not. It is a contribution to the beginning of a new life for someone who is alive right now, but who is struggling... 

Someone who is clinging to hope...

Hope that has yet to come. 

Hope can only get a person so far. 

We need to BACK HOPE UP. 

Right now, we have families who have been training to receive their animals for months. They have worked very hard and shown huge commitment. They have seen the massive difference that these animals have made in their communities. 

They want in. 

Some people think 

                  “What can a cow do?” 

                  “What can a bee do?” 

But they can do so much. They TRANSFORM lives. 

Their gifts of milk and honey enable families to earn an income. 

It is small at first but with time it grows. After a while, families are in a position where they can enjoy a varied diet, their health improves, their children can be educated... 

                  They can actually start LIVING their lives. 

We have so many families waiting to benefit from this transformation. 

You can help by donating to our Valentine’s Appeal today:

Donate above securely, or call the team on 1850 82 99 99

Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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