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It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

Death is a very difficult thing. Grief is a very difficult thing. And it affects people differently.

For those left behind the world is never the same again.

Something empty lies within, something that is never fully replaced.

But people want to remember people. As anniversaries come and go, people want to do something special to say “I have not forgotten you.”

Every year we get requests from donors asking us to pray for their loved ones. They want to remember them and at the same time they want to honour their name, their good memory.

So for the past number of years, we have been remembering those who have gone before us. We have honoured all the departed souls by holding an All Souls Day Mass, November 2nd and we will

do the same this year.

This year all donations will be funding our Irish dairy cow projects in Rwanda. There are families (survivors of the genocide) who are currently in the middle of the Bóthar training programme and they are just waiting to find out when they will receive their Irish dairy cow. This cow will be life-changing for them.

By honouring the special person in your life, you will be leaving a lasting legacy in their name. You will be changing a life in the developing world for the better.

What a positive way of transforming something painful into something positive…

I know it makes our donors feel good to know that there is at least one family in the developing world better off because of the life-changing gift made in the name of their loved one. 

I hope you will be a part of it. To include your loved ones name, simply donate online above, or call the office on 1850 82 99 99.

Wishing you health and happiness.



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