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Bóthar’s dairy cows have become life saving heroes in many parts of the world. Irish dairy cows will produce up to 20 times as much nutritious milk every day as the average local cow in Uganda, Malawi, and Cameroon.

Milk & cheese from the living gift of a cow instantly improves the diet of an impoverished family and also produces enough milk for them to sell and earn an income. Suddenly mothers and fathers are in a position to purchase food and medicine for their families. Over time they can even send their children to school!

Bóthar also engages in cross-breeding Irish bulls with local cows, producing an animal that gives approximately 25% of an Irish cow’s milk yield - still four times more productive than the local animal!

Your donation also covers training & preparation of a family to receive an animal, transportation of the animal & full veterinary back up for a number of years.

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